Manor Gardens Memorial Arch

Manor Gardens Memorial Arch

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Manor Gardens Mamorial Arch Restoration Campaign 



The Islington War Memorial Arch was designed by Percy Adams (1865–1930), a renowned architect of the time.  What began as a separate wing to the Royal Northern Hospital, situated in Manor Gardens,just of Holloway road. This mamorial Arch has since become an important WW1 War memorial remembering those whose lives were lost during that war. Although on the outside, it looks maintained, it is in grave need of repair. This has been highlighted to the original developer  Bellway Homes, who did not make the correct provision during the build of the current development of a new residential housing complex, which now sits on the old hospital site. To prevent the decay of the one of the oldest WW1 memorial in London and the Uk, major repairs are now urgently needed. This site has been on the England Heritage "At Risk List" for a numbers of years now, however no positive action has been taken to revent the decay or restore it.

The Islington Veterans Association and Islington Council  have now take this project to task, along with the Deputy Lieutenant of Islington, Dr Charles Goodson-Wickes, are now campaigning that those responsible for the damage and decay now put that right and restore the Arch to its former glory and befitting a memorial to those of the borough who made the ultimate sacrifice.

It is important that historical memorials are not just not left to fade into history, because of the original developers failing and obligation to ensure the Arch was preserved, but to be restored to ensure that those people who lived, some who still have family members who live in this borough, live on and are correctly remembered on Armistice day, Remembrance Sunday and on any day the borough feels the right time to remember its fallen.

What can you do to help?

  1. We would like as many people to highlight this campaign to as many people as possible, so all the people of Islington are aware that this memorial Arch is there.
  2. Spread the word on social media that this wall has decayed because of the developer’s failings.
  3. Reach out to the veteran community across London, so they are aware. They will have links to ensure this campaign will no go quite but be supported to ensure we restore this historical site for the fallen and their families.




The Islington Veterans Assocociation will be pursing both the council and the developer " Bellway Homes" to ensure this mamorial is restored or repaired in such away, that this historic site is not left to fade and be forgottern.