The Islington Veterans Association (IVA) was founded in 2008 by Father Jim Kennedy. It was raised to support the veterans of the bourough of Islington and neighbouring borough's. It is open to all three services and those who have served in the emergancy services (Fire Service, Police Service & Fire Brigade) and the Merchant Navy and the dependants of those veterans.

The IVA regulary supports events in the borough of Islington and has links with the Old Commrades Association, Islington Borough Council and the Royal British Legion.

Currently the membership has around 40 paid up members and honorary membership, it has a full yearly calender and commemorates regular events within the Military calaender and community event within the borough of Islington.

Membership is open to the following:

Ex-serving members of the Armed forces

Merchant Navy

Members of the Emergancy Services

Prison Service

Those from within the borough who wish to positively contribute to the Association.